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Why did the meerkat start a recruitment consulting business?

Because he had the perfect vision for finding talent, and his motto was, “With meerkat consulting, we always rise above the competition! Our eyes are on the lookout for the best candidates – no stone (or resume) goes unturned!

 Nurturing Excellence, Shaping Futures:
We’re a journey filled with laughter, success, and a touch of magic.

Dive into the Hutech Adventure! We’re not just matching jobs and candidates – we’re your ultimate career guides! From Automotive to IT, Manufacturing to Retail – our recruitment consultants are the wizards of placements in a world of endless industries.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just your typical HR heroes; we’re the sidekicks of career progression and succession planning. Think of us as the matchmakers of talent, conducting job analysis, interviews, and background screening.

Our web-enabled recruitment platforms are like treasure chests filled with talented gems waiting to be discovered. Unleash your potential with us as we adhere to the fairest, unbiased selection processes that let your skills shine.

Hutech doesn’t just stop at finding the perfect match; we’re the masters of outsourcing solutions too. Whether it’s tackling business challenges or embracing the ever-changing global work vibes, we’ve got your back. Need a seasonal specialist? We’re on it! Join the Hutech fun ride – where careers are crafted, challenges are conquered, and dreams come to life!”

 HR Presentation

BBBEE Certification

Tax Clearence Certificate

PEA/TES Certificate

“Hutech International has been supplying Airlink with Aviation contractors for the past 7 years. The quality of the personnel is of a professional standard in this industry and Airlink are very satisfied with the quality of engineers supplied
by Hutech.”

- Johan Swanepoel

(Chief Inspector Major Maintenance).

As a strategic and operational partner, and client, of Hutech International I can unequivocally confirm that Hutech International, and all staff involved, deliver the highest degree of professionalism and integrity in the execution of their services and portrays the highest levels of honesty and transparency.”

Jacques de Wet

(Capital Software)

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