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The Team

Meet our team of Rockstars

List of the Team Members:

Debra Aukett (Financial Manager)

Contact Details: debra@hutech.co.za / 041 371 0002

Debra Aukett is not your average Financial Manager. She’s a rockstar when it comes to crunching numbers and  analysing stats at Hutech International Group. Since 2003, she’s been the go-to expert for all things financial, always  making sure every task is completed on time and with precision. But that’s not all there is to Debra. Outside of her awesome financial skills, she’s a proud wife and mother living it up in Port  Elizabeth. When she’s not working her magic with spreadsheets and payrolls, you can find her chilling on the beach,  getting crafty with artsy projects, or taking leisurely strolls. Debra isn’t just reliable and excellent at her job – she’s also a firm believer in delivering top-notch service. Deadlines? No problem for Debra. She always gets things done on time, never dropping the ball. That’s why her colleagues and clients can’t stop singing her praises. With her “can-do” attitude and knack for handling pressure, Debra is a true gem at Hutech International Group (Pty) Ltd. Her financial management skills are out of this world, and her commitment to service delivery is second to none. So, whether she’s crunching numbers or creating spreadsheets, you can bet that Debra Aukett is the one to call. She’s a  valuable member of the Hutech team, and they couldn’t imagine doing business without her.

Liesl Lotter (Managing Director)

Contact Details: liesl@hutech.co.za / 012 346 3603 / 071 869 0099

Liesl Lotter, an adept and spirited leader, proudly serves as the Managing Director at Hutech International Group,contributing her expertise for the past remarkable 15 years. Liesl has a wealth of experience and a knack for infusing a touch of fun into the professional arena, Liesl brings a dynamic and engaging leadership style to our esteemed organisation. Her tenure as Managing Director is characterised by a perfect blend of professionalism and a vibrant enthusiasm that inspires our team to achieve new heights. We’re privileged to have Liesl Lotter steering the helm at Hutech International Group. “Embrace the extraordinary because life is too short to be normal. Break the rules, chase dreams, and create memories”

Johan Jansen van Vuuren (Aviation Contract Manager)

johanv@hutech.co.za / 083 678 1646

Meet Johan who rocked the aviation world for 35 years as the project manager at Denel Aviation, supplying top-tier  manpower to the SAAF! Now, in the last thrilling decade with Hutech, Johan serves as the contract/financial maestro,  orchestrating technical manpower for Airlink. Semi-retired, but forever passionate about hooking people up with dream  jobs in the aviation realm! Beyond the hustle, catch this aviation aficionado strolling through Pringle Bay, Western Cape, with a loyal dog by their side. Family’s the name of the game with 2 kids, 7 grandkids, and 1 great-grandson. Life’s an adventure, and this aviation wizard is soaring through it with style!

Hennie Coetzee (Aviation Consultant)

Contact Details: hennie@hutech.co.za / 083 678 1671

Hennie boasts a comprehensive background in the aviation and mechanical industries, kicking off with qualifications as a diesel mechanic. Over a 20-year tenure with Denel, he navigated his career trajectory from a mechanic to the esteemed position of Customer Relations Manager, actively supporting various project management endeavours. In the subsequent decade, Hennie transitioned into a role as a Consultant with Hutech, specialising in providing technical personnel for Airlink within the aviation sector. Simultaneously, he took on the responsibilities of Warehouse Manager on a farm. Despite being semi-retired, Hennie’s dedication to professional engagement remains palpable through his ongoing contributions to both Airlink and farm operations, finding satisfaction in the dynamic aspects of these roles and leveraging his extensive experience. Beyond the professional arena, Hennie’s commitment extends to completing an impressive 20 Comrades Marathons, underscoring his dedication to personal fitness and endurance. In his personal life, he finds happiness in his marriage to wife Betsie and cherishes moments spent with his two daughters and grandchildren. This synopsis encapsulates Hennie’s diverse professional journey and personal achievements, showcasing a lifelong commitment to excellence and a rich, multifaceted lifestyle.

Juanita van Eeden (Recruitment Assistant)

Contact Details: juanita@hutech.co.za / 012 346 3603 / 066 376 3794

Juanita van Eeden is a Recruitment Assistant at Hutech International Group Head Office. Embarking on her journey in therecruitment realm since 2022, her focus has been on the vibrant landscape of the Distribution, Warehousing, and FreightIndustry. Eager to broaden her horizons, she finds joy in exploring new facets of this dynamic field every day – because,let’s face it, learning keeps life interesting!Beyond the professional hustle, Juanita cherishes moments with those who matter most to her. If there’s one skill she takespride in, it’s her superpower to Tetris (pack) an impressive quantity of things into the tiniest of spaces. It’s like witnessing areal-life game of spatial wizardry!Speaking of inspiration, Elon Musk is her beacon. His unwavering focus on his vision, coupled with an unyieldingdetermination, fuels her own aspirations. Musk’s “out-of-the-box” thinking resonates with her, and she firmly believes theworld could use more visionary minds like his.Here’s to Juanita’s exciting journey of discovery, growth, and maybe even packing a few more Tetrisboxes along the way!

Niekie Lotter (Reception / Recruitment Assistant)

Contact Details: niekie@hutech.co.za / 012 346 3603 / 071 869 0104

Meet Niekie, the friendly Recruitment Assistant at Hutech International. Niekie is not just about finding the perfect fit for roles; they are also known for spreading positivity with a friendly and strong personality, coupled with a deep love for dogs. Whether it’s connecting with people or finding zen in the bush, Niekie brings enthusiasm and dedication to the table. While not possessing a PhD in advice-giving, consider Niekie your go-to person for chat or a shoulder to lean on. Family holds a special place in Niekie’s heart, and honesty is the adhesive that holds relationships together. And let’s not forget, Niekie is a bit of a creative soul. Now, here’s the fun part – Niekie collects friends like they’re rare treasures; each one is valued immensely. Teamwork is Niekie’s forte, and the amazing coworkers at Hutech International are like a second family. Niekie has learned a ton from them, and they strongly believe that teamwork truly makes the dream work! Let’s add a touch of creativity to the work, enjoy the journey, and build something extraordinary together. Here’s to collaboration and the excitement it brings!

Don Hlatshwayo (Chairman)

don@hutech.co.za / 012 346 3603 / 066 290 9781

Meet Don – the maestro of fun at Hutech International Group since 2019, donning the hats of consultant and the official
chairman/shareholder extraordinaire since September 2019.
Armed with a BA Honours in Industrial Sociology from the University of Zululand (class of ’94), Don is not just a degree
holder; he’s a results-driven, self-motivated dynamo. With a knack for developing and fortifying management teams, he’s
the go-to guy for maximising company profitability and efficiency. His communication skills? Top-notch. He can establish
relationships that are not just sustainable but downright profitable with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders all around
the globe.
Beyond the boardroom, Mr. Hlatshwayo is not your average suit. He moonlights as the National Coordinator for the South
African National Military Veterans Association (SANMVA) and has even dabbled as the former Deputy Chair for the
National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NAFCOC). Don isn’t just about business; he’s about
making things happen on a national scale

Cynthia Beukes (Recruitment Consultant)

cynthia@hutech.co.za / 012 346 3603 / 0679018745

Cynthia is a dynamic and charismatic new business sales executive with an impressive 24-year background in both corporate and SME environments. With exposure to diverse industries including IT, Telecoms, Petroleum, and Courier, she brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Her enthusiasm for connecting people with their passions shines through in her work. Cynthia is a goal-oriented and target-driven professional, skilled at building meaningful relationships and understanding the unique needs of her clients.

Drawing on her extensive recruitment experience, Cynthia excels at creative networking to identify qualified candidates and showcase the skills of achievement-oriented individuals. She thrives on the challenge of matching talent with opportunity, making her a valuable asset in any business venture.

Estee van der Merwe – Roets (Executive Recruitment and Headhunt Specialist)

Contact Details: estee@hutech.co.za / 082 554 4534

Estee is a head-hunter extraordinaire with over 20 years of experience in the recruiting field. What sets her apart is herprofound passion for recruitment, extending beyond mere placements. From the initial phone call to thecommencement at their new company and beyond, Estee is deeply involved with her candidates.Resilience is a cornerstone of her approach, coupled with a clear strategy for finding new clients and candidates, and afirm commitment to never giving up. Currently, Estee is actively engaged in industries such asmanufacturing/engineering, petrochemical, and the sustainable energy field.Beyond the professional word, Estee believes in leading a balanced life. This includes maintaining a healthy diet, regularexercise like walking, cycling, and golf, as well as spending quality time with friends and family through dinners, braais,and travel adventures.Her superhero inspiration? None other than the late CEO, Basil Muller, whose direction and profound sense of theimportance of having a clear strategy continue to guide her.Gratitude fills Estee’s heart as she acknowledges the Hand and Grace of the LORD in her life. She recognises the gifts andabilities entrusted to her, shaping her purpose and guiding her daily responsibilities. Estee is not just a recruiter; she’s apassionate professional leading a balanced and purposeful life.

Carol van der Spuy – Furter (Executive Business Development & Recruitment Consultant)

carol@hutech.co.za / 083 675 1946

Carol became part of Hutech International in 2006, stepping into the role of an Independent Consultant. The decision to join Hutech was driven by the enticing Financial Sharing Model, which offered Independent Consultants (ICs) the chance to engage with advertised positions. The strategic vision of the former CEO, Basil Muller, and his passion for assisting others, further fuelled Carol’s commitment to the company. Her industry focus spans across Engineering, Mining, Financial, IT, Infrastructure projects, and more, covering various disciplines within a company. Carol has excelled in securing success in cross-border opportunities, particularly in Africa. She once spearheaded the Professional Retirement Initiative, a cause she holds dear. Carol’s presence in the recruitment industry is motivated by her deep-seated passion for aiding others and clients. When not immersed in the professional world, she finds joy in walking, strolling with her two schnauzers, engaging in travel, and, to a slightly lesser extent these days, enjoying a round of golf. Carol is not just about recruiting; she’s a dedicated professional with a heart for people and a zest for life.

Sonia du Toit (Independent Executive Search & Recruitment Consultant)

Contact Details: sonia@hutech.co.za / 073 660 1059

Introducing Sonia, with a love for the full-cycle recruitment, corporate branding, and the art of virtual assistance. She doesn’t just navigate the professional world; she orchestrates it with finesse! Outside the bustling realm of industry, Sonia finds joy in the simple pleasures—spending quality time with family and her furry companions. But don’t be fooled by the calm; she’s an events extraordinaire, weaving magic into planning and coordinating.

Sonia isn’t confined to a single industry; she’s the maestro across the board, with a special affection for Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Construction, and Mining. Her skills aren’t just a job; they’re a passion!

What drives Sonia? It’s the profound desire to make a difference, to be the catalyst for change in people’s lives. She’s on a mission to illuminate the path of hope after challenging times, fulfilling her purpose on this earthly journey.

As for superpowers, Sonia may not have a cape, but she’s guided by a higher force. The Lord, her superhero, has charted out her purpose, and Sonia is on a mission to fulfil it with grace and determination. In the world of recruitment, Sonia isn’t just a pro; she’s your guide to a transformative journey!

Lizelle van der Klashorst (Technical Recruitment Consultant)

Contact Details: lizelle@hutech.co.za / 012 346 3603

Lizelle van der Klashorst is a purpose driven facilitator orchestrating conversations with purpose. With the drive and belief to engage people to work with common purpose, her ability to mobilise teams for performance is strongly visible duringher career progression. With experience in strategy, organisational change and transformation, including finance,information management, technology, governance, risk and compliance and project management, she skilfully navigates the business environment and associated dynamics.She is passionate about socio economic matters and adding value considering community projects and the youth. She contributes as managing member on the Centurion Business Forum and the 10 cities project. She obtained degrees in Business Management (MPhil), with specialisation in Information and Knowledge management, Information Technology Management and Governance including Organisational Transformation.Industries such as the Banking and Financial, Health, and Tertiary Education sectors have benefited from her drive, skill,experience, and performance. She until very recently headed the Risk portfolio of the core IT, including data and analytics capability at FNB. During the past 2 years she led the Solidariteit Helpende Hand Studied trust to new levels of performance. She served on the boards of BMS and Caban as advisory director. She published in the Journal of Information Management amongst others as well as contributed to several business and professional conferences as speaker and presenter.

In summary the following Industry History:(1) Financial services, Banking industry and related positions: 22 Years of which 18 years at First National Bank(FNB) and 4 years at Nedbank; (2) Tertiary Education : University of South Africa : 4 years; (3) Government and Health related industry : 11 years; and (4) Non-profit organisation : 2 years.

Juliet De Winnaar (Lead Research and Recruitment Support Services – Deaf / Hearing Impairment)

Contact Details: juliet@hutech.co.za / 073 660 1059

Meet Juliet, the expert of all things admin in the recruitment realm! From sleuthing out top-notch candidates to crafting CV masterpieces, she’s got the administrative magic touch. Juliet’s not just about work; she’s a pro at turning recruitment into a fun adventure!

Outside the office, you’ll find Juliet basking in the joy of family time and hanging out with her adorable pets. She’s not just about one industry; she’s the queen of all industries, with a soft spot for Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Construction, and Mining. Juliet doesn’t just work in these fields; she thrives!

What fuels Juliet’s fire? It’s all about becoming the best version of herself and raising her foster daughter to be an absolute superstar. Her motivation is contagious, and her commitment to excellence is unmatched. In the world of recruitment, Juliet isn’t just a pro; she’s your go-to for a dash of fun and a whole lot of expertise!


Martin van Tonder (Financial Director)

Contact Details: martin@hutech.co.za / 012 346 3603

Meet Martin, our esteemed Financial Director and a highly qualified accountant. In his role, Martin takes the helm offinancial oversight, ensuring the current and future financial stability of the company.Beyond the numbers, Martin has a passion for shopping—it’s like food for the soul. His ability to stay extremely calm underpressure is nothing short of impressive. The hustle of everyday life has instilled in him the wisdom to listen carefully beforeoffering advice.Inspiration struck Martin at the tender age of 8, courtesy of his Dad. By Grade 2, he already harboured dreams ofbecoming an accountant. Martin is driven by a perpetual desire to excel in everything he does, looking up to the selfmade successes of both businessmen and women.In the financial world and beyond, Martin brings a perfect blend of expertise and a light-hearted approach. Cheers toMartin, our financial expert, adding a touch of fun to the serious world of finance!

Nick Els (Technical Recruitment Consultant)

Contact Details: nick@hutech.co.za  / 083 856 2700

Nick is the guy you call when your internal TA hits the wall with scarce and hard to find skills.
As a Technical Recruitment Consultant at Hutech International Group, he specialises in sourcing, and placing candidates for various Software Engineering, FinTech and other SDLC related roles.

He has 16+ years of experience in delivering recruitment services to clients based on KPIs and SLAs.
His mission is to find the best talent for the best opportunities, and to build long-lasting relationships with both candidates and clients. He has a keen eye for detail, a strong work ethic, and a passion for learning and improving my skills. Nick leverages on his expertise in recruitment to provide high-quality and tailored solutions that meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

Delene van der Merwe (Regional Co-ordinator and Automotive Recruitment Consultant)

Contact Details: delene@hutech.co.za / 031 463 3710 / 081 755 2934

Meet Delene, the dynamic force in the professional world who’s navigated door-to-door sales, orchestrated events like the Chatsworth Fun Fair, and conquered the motorcycle industry since 2007. Headhunted by Zap Motorcycles in 2012,she ascended to the role of Showroom Manager, marking the beginning of her impressive journey. Delene stepped into the world of recruitment in 2015, catching the bug that led her to Hutech in November 2017.Specialising in the Motor Industry, she’s not just a recruiter; she’s the expert in her domain.Beyond the professional hustle, Delene is a proud mom of two, navigating the teenage rollercoaster with a dedication that knows no bounds.Her superhero inspiration? Harley Quinn – loving, caring, straightforward, and no-nonsense. Lies and dishonesty? A total write-off in her book; she thrives on transparency. Delene is the leading lady, scripting her story with passion,perseverance, and a touch of Harley Quinn flair! She’s a pro at spring cleaning, a green-thumb enthusiast, and a poolshark who enjoys defying expectations in the league. She’s a force of nature, thriving on challenges and conquering them with a smile!What brings a smile to Delene’s face? The payoff from hard work, whether with her kids or in the professional arena. Theultimate joy? Announcing employment to a candidate who’s been seeking an opportunity for ages!

Karin Oosthuysen (Human Resources Consultant)

Contact Details: karin@hutech.co.za / 082 415 4788

Karin brings with her an impressive 25 years of expertise in Human Resource Management, Training and Development,and Industrial Relations. Her professional journey has spanned across diverse industries, including Mining & Construction,Manufacturing, and Automotive.Beyond the boardroom, Karin is an avid traveller, with a special fondness for exploring enchanting destinations likeThailand, the Greek Islands, and Zanzibar.What fuels Karin’s passion in the professional world? It’s all about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. With awealth of experience and a heart dedicated to positive impact, Karin is an expert in the world of Human Resources.

Winmore Madzonga (Recruitment Consultant)

Contact Details: winmore@hutech.co.za / 078 748 8174

Meet Winmore, a seasoned professional with over 7 years of diverse experience, ranging from Recruitment Manager toGeneralist Recruitment Consultant, Senior Recruitment/Talent Acquisition Specialist, Specialist Recruitment Consultant,and even Talent Acquisition Director. Known for being outspoken, Winmore finds joy in delving into business books andhas a soft spot for sports, particularly soccer and golf.Within the professional landscape, Winmore has a preference for the dynamic fields of Mining and IT. What fuels thisjourney? A simple yet powerful motivation: the unwavering drive to always be the best. In Winmore’s world, excellenceisn’t just a goal; it’s a commitment.

Lucy Maswera (Recruitment Consultant)

Contact Details: Lucy@hutech.co.za / 084 309 2952

Introducing Lucy Maswera, our seasoned Generalist, boasting an impressive 21-year tenure in the recruitment industry. Her special gift lies in the unique ability to support and guide all consultants, drawing upon her extensive knowledge of the industry. Lucy stands as a valuable pillar within the Hutech family, serving not only as a seasoned professional but also as a beacon of inspiration for many young recruiters. Her wealth of experience and dedication make her an invaluable asset to our team, fostering a dynamic and supportive environment.

Annecke Austin (Recruitment Consultant)

Contact Details: annecke@hutech.co.za / 071 868 7016

Meet Annecke, an enthusiastic and highly motivated professional known for going the extra mile with a passion for tackling new challenges and mastering fresh skills. Annecke excels in developing and maintaining effective working relationships, both with clients and colleagues, contributing to a collaborative and harmonious work environment. Drawing inspiration from her best friend, Annecke is deeply moved by her friend’s resilience. No matter what life throws her way, she keeps moving forward, serving as a powerful source of aspiration for Annecke in both her personal and professional life.